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Are you hiding something from your friends?
She's hiding something from us
That look he gives you when you run into him at your door after texting him that you're five minutes away from the place you agreed to meet
It be like that sometimes
Inseparable duo
You think i look displeased but honestly i just have no idea what's going on around me
Feeling jealous for no reason
When you try your best but you don't succeed
You disappoint me
I'm gonna walk like this all the time and look at you judgmentally so you wouldn't be able to talk behind my back without feeling guilty
Silently judging you
When your colleagues are too curious
Whatever you're gonna say i will not like it. actually, i went further and am already not liking you in advance
I see you slacking at your job and i'm displeased
Two young girlfriends chatting and discussing something
What did you just call me
Why did you have to do that to me
Discussing some uni stuff
Life is not just unfair, it's unfair to me specifically most of the time
Better than you
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