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Building process is about a lot of thinking too
This job is killing me
Get closer, here's the place for unloading of the stuff
Get a bit closer!
Well done, man!
Bingo! right on the spot!
Assistance to loading and unloading of materials is one of his duties
Stop there!
Well done, man!
And how am i supposed to tuck it into this ultra thin laptop, harold
Get a bit closer!
Get a bit closer!
The track is coming!
Watching out for people's safety at the construction site
Lower it down right here
This is all i know in the computer repairing field so let's hope it'll do the trick
In good mood in all weathers
I hate my job
Things are going just great!
The ganger is explaining our job duties at the moment
Talking about new project with the coworker
Working on architecture project
Sharing opinions about drawing with colleague
Need time to think about the idea you're proposing
Please, pay particular attention to these premises
Look, we get some amendments right here
Female engineer giving instructions to male foreman
With such modifications it's impossible to get it done on time!
The pleasure is mine, madam, i assure you
Come on, you're not talking seriously
She's consulting with everyone who have a hand in the project
Stop, you're on the spot, man!
Get ready for unloading of materials
Stop there!
Give me back my laptop screen
Stop where you are, man!
A little bit closer, man!
One, two, three... radio check, can you hear me?
Stay where you are, it's a danger zone
Assisting to forklift operator
Back off a little more, man!
One, two, three... radio check, can you hear me?
Good for you, man
Sometimes i have some rest too
If you're so smart then try it yourself
I'm proud of being a construction worker
Please, choose another way, repair work ahead
I'm doing well, and you?
What am i supposed to do with this
Architects involved in team work
Architecture getting started here
Realizing our best architect ideas here
Sharing opinions about drawing with colleague
Guessing about new interesting architect decisions
Please, don't tell the boss that it's my fault
Amendments have to do with this part of construction
And how do you like this idea there?
Amendments have to do with this part of construction
When your colleague doesn't take you seriously
It's enough of this