male technician

This is all i know in the computer repairing field so let's hope it'll do the trick
Sorry for not paying attention, i'm a bit wired today
Laboratory assistant
Give me some time to focus
And how am i supposed to tuck it into this ultra thin laptop, harold
If you're so smart then try it yourself
What do you want from me
Happy to be a part of the future
I'm not saying you should've dusted it more often, but something is looking at me from here right now
I'm catastrophically unsure of what i am meant to do with that thing
Look what a weird vhs tape i've found
Idk what i'm doing but i'm enjoying it
Happy to be a part of the future
This job is killing me
Guy pointing on his partner with cream on his nose
Moved to tears
Two handsome young men on a romantic date
I love his sense of humour
Oh really? i didn't know that
Just one moment before a great surprise
What about going to the cinema tonight?
We share so much love for each other
No nerves on our wedding day
The happiest day of our lives
This is so beautiful
You look amazing
Shall we dance?
Our love will last a lifetime
Looking in one direction
Talking about all the work stuff with the colleague
Just another day at work
lab technician
Looking ahead, seeing the future
The 'kinda like my job kinda hate it' kind of smile
Give me back my laptop screen
You'd better not interrupt me while i'm holding anything even remotely dangerous in my hand
Proud to wear a lab coat
Proud to wear a lab coat
The seller said it is the newest model on market, but i am a bit unsure about this "made in ussr" label
Mom, take a picture of me like i am cool
I've always liked that clickety-clackety sound
Don't you see i'm busy with snapping this wire
What am i supposed to do with this
Operating a successful pharmacy business
Operating a successful pharmacy business
Taking some tea with the loved one
Oh my, how wonderful!
Men are just as likely to gossip as women
If one feels loved, then one must be loved
Tender love confession
Just one moment before a great surprise
Love from the first sight
He's my everything
Crying of happiness
Tying the knot of love
There are moments you remember all your life
Two handsome young men on their wedding day
My better half
Being with you is wonderful
Should we get straight to the business?
Telling each other some nice stories