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Santa's having a hard time coping with the christmas rush
Santa's having a hard time coping with the christmas rush
Man, you are crazy
Hey, what are you talking about?
Who the hell are you, man?
Well, nice talking to you, old man
The captain of his own life
What?.. alarming news about beards?
Let them think that i'm reading...
What? you forget to take your pills?
What seems to be the trouble?
This year santa turned into grinch
Let's check your lungs
Well, that's an interesting case
This part looks better this time
This cigar tastes like coffee and then fades to chocolate
Just keep calm and smoke a cigar
And i haven't bought presents yet
Santa claus sitting and reading letters
Santa claus sitting with hands on his stomach
Positive santa claus drinking tea and eating cookie
Amount of work to do before christmas is just huge
Sants claus reading something from the folder and pointing out
Santa claus focused on reading information on folder
He's been caught by surprise
No one is supposed to see santa
Gosh, too many chimneys...
First you will have to answer a few questions
Aged couple having coffee and watching movie on tablet
Involved in discussion during the movie
Sweet little moments just for two of us
Age and experience made him wise and strong
What a joy to meet you at last!
Hey, i'm just fooling around here
Let me tell you something, man
Have you read this article?
Who me?
And there i was, carrying a banner...
I'm listening to you very carefully
Keeping santa's secret about presents
Well, i don't know what to say!
Mature doctor holding an x-ray
Hm.. that's an interesting case, you know
You're doing great
This smoothing cigar helps me think
Well, it's an incredible story...
Doing a reading before preparing all the presents
Santa claus reading letters
Santa claus seems to be surprised with conversation
Santa claus pointing at folder and looks lost
What could be better than tea and cookies?
Seems like all set and ready for holidays
Oh, look who's here!
Can you keep a secret?
Shhh... you don't see me, okay?
Don't be late for your next appointment
What seems to be the trouble?
It's all about loving and caring
Movie gets more interesting and interesting
Aged couple saying cheers with coffee cups