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This is the perfect weather for this fragrance
This is the perfect weather for this fragrance
A passionate believer
Shush everyone, let those words sink in
Let these words bring peace to this world
Reciting the quran brings peace to my mind
In the name of god-
Be kind and love each other
Not on my watch, demons
This sentence right here has just changed my whole life
Please, stop before you say anything else and just listen for a second
Look around you, isn't it the proof of what you've just heard?
You can tell good perfume by the smell
This is my jam
Handsome and religious
Quiet, please, back rows
And let no one dare to disturb me
Can't contain myself anymore
Anticipation of new scent
Get out of here, you traitor
Ready to fight for what i believe in
You'd better not challenge me on my belief
Thank you for coming, your devotion is appreciated
I am just like you and yet i want you to take a moment and listen
You! yes, you! come up to me and praise our god with me
How to become a perfumer
Here the list ends
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