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Just spending some time surfing in the net
Telephone nowadays is quite an accessory
Telephone using got me like that
You can call me a tech user
I look good with a bullhorn, don't i?
She makes herself heard
A few minutes before making a speech
She's heard from far away
The decisive moment has come
Rehearsing her speech
Thinking through every word
I was persuasive, wasn't i?
Listen to me carefully
Spending a lot of time with my phone
You can definitely call me a digital geek
You can call me a tech user
She's ready to call to action
Can you hear me well?
She's good at making speeches
It's time to speak out openly
It sounds like a seashell
Ready to make an announcement
I didn't expect such a loud sound
Everyone, listen to me!
I'm calling to your attention
Before making an important announcement
Here the list ends
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