middle click

They finally released a new greatest hits album
We are the perfect match
You know what i mean
Feeling exhausted
Thinking makes the man
Tired man standing with his eyes closed
I am not 'like a boss', i am the boss
Handsome cunning man turning from back
Can't wait to chage shirt to casual home shirt
It's a great joke mate, really great
Impressed mature man holding a puppy
Handsome man with a puppy standing in profile and holding a glass of wine
Showing around appartment to this newcomer
And how did i live without it before?
Self confidence is the best outfit
He knows how to wear a hat the gentleman way
That woman... i've seen her somewhere
He knows how to wear a hat the gentleman way
Smiling mature man listening to some music and using his smartphone
Mature man in sportive wear holding towel on his shoulder
Well, i've had some nice training
Well, i'm not in the mood today
Mature man standing with his hands aside
Mature man standing in some strange pose
Smiling mature man stretching
Facing hair problems is hard
Mature guy shaving his beard with an electric razor
When you're taking it easy, things start going this way
These slow mornings are my favourite ones
neck ache causes me great discomfort
Such a tear-jerking moment
Ars longa vita brevis
Ars longa vita brevis
Feeling awesome
Body language is more powerful than words
Thinking makes the man
Sometimes you feel like you've run out of batteries
A gentleman can never have too many ties
Mature man planning something and bitting his finger
Just a quick glance at it and i'm gone
Immersed in the depth of thoughts
Ready to go for a walk with this guy
Today we celebrate, not worrying
We don't like uninvited company
Making me company even in the mornings
I'm sorry... what did you say?
He knows how to wear a hat the gentleman way
Worry less, smile more
Feeling every muscle after the training
Preparation before gym
Happy and thrilled about this day
It's been a nice training today
Positive and contented about this day
I forgot what i was going to do
Focused on some morning stretching
No better thing than start day with music and running
Well, it wasn't too pleasant
Should look really cool today
Mature man in pink robe looking at the toothbrush
Mature man in pink robe adjusting his hair
Mature man with highbrow