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Young indian dancer in blue sari closing mouth and talking on the phone
I've only had this green cutie for a day and a half, but if anything happened to it, i would punch everyone in this room with a flower pot and then myself
The neighbours won't notice and i have a new friend now
Can't believe i've finally found it! my hotel!
For me??
I'm finally ready to travel
Let the fate choose where my next trip is gonna be to!
Sometimes the joke is too good not to emphasize it with finger guns
Well-deserved and long expected!
We match!
My gosh, the legend was true, it actually does exist
It's scientifically proven that feeling blue while wearing this cool blue outfit is impossible
Heey mind if we have some fun together?
And i'm on top of the world again
We have much more in common than you'd think
Looking at my crush when they don't see me
I've got the whole world in my hands
Congrats! you've got a stamp of approval from amalia today!
When the letter from hogwarts is finally here
Laughing out loud at my own jokes because i'm my favourite comedian
Oh, come on, this can't be the name of the real place!
Can't believe they sent it with no address or name on the envelope and yet somehow it got here, fantastic
Look! i've bought myself a friend!
A vintage way of getting the news is my favourite one
Perfectly in half!
Avocado eyes!
I want to thank not only god but jesus-
Take this, you won't regret
You say money can't buy you happiness, i say give them to me and i'll prove you wrong in a day!
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