Ok, let me see the problem wide and clearly
No, i don't want this thing
So far seems like a typical flu
So, what problem we've got here?
I need to see your teeth wide and clear
Female doctor showing her tongue out and examining her patient's mouth
Don't be so grumpy, we're just checking your temperature
Taking care of dental hygiene is important
Well, at least there will be no school
You've been feeling well lately?
So, seems like you've got some serious flu
No, i don't want this thing
Should we brush teeth, huh?
You suppose clean teeth like this
I need to see your teeth wide and clear
Oh no, here comes the worst part of visiting doctor
Checking out this teeth problem
Showing right way how to brush teeth
The result of analysis is really concerning
Female doctor writing and kid patient sitting on the chair
I'm gonna prescribe some peels, that should be enough
Here the list ends
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