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Wow! i've got a raise!
Just amazing news
Finding ideas for some new project
Well, do you have any news to tell?
Receiving unexpected news would be like...
Man with a dog holding a glass of wine
A lot of news to hear from the bff
And this is the end of the story
That's how it's going
No you hang up first
Yeah, it was just a great night
When you're at work and trying to play it cool but the text is just so damn cute
Talking about some girls' routine stuff
Liking my own posts from the secret account is a form of self-care
This is the cutest thing i've ever received
Flipping through some latest tendencies
When you've been listening to great news all day long
Tremendous things are about to happen
When your bff tells you some great news
What shall i do now with all these news?
I wanna hold these words as close to my heart as it is humanly possible
Baby boy sitting in highchair
Oh, seems like these notifications never end
These are important news that can't wait
Here, have a bit of my love
Every single text from you makes me blush but i like it
I give you my heart(s)
Oh man, this horoscope says i'm cute
This is my favourite part of sending any messages
I sent you my kiss, answer me
Your stories never fail to make me smile
Wow, i didn't see that coming
Just a turtleneck and sweatpants, and you?
Flipping through some last fashion news
I always put on something pastel for our skype meetings to look like a princess so the clients wouldn't be able to get too angry with this cuteness
I have some fresh official news to inform
Sweety, don't you wanna tell me something?
Sweety, don't you wanna tell me something?
When you finally got the chance to talk as much as you want with your bf
Here the list ends
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