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When you can see my desire of studying
True work day when you can't gett off the phone
What a work day without a selfie?
Checking all the needed info
When you have to do a million of tasks
Working hard to get good results
Interested in colleague's idea
How many times do i have to tell you this?
Why she's crying and how can i stop that?
My vendetta bat is coming for you
So what i'm proposing here is...
Double thinking gives better result
I guess, we need configure this one
Guess, we even don't need to change anything
We should reconsider it, ok?
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
You're right, i think it's great
You're supposed to do what you've been asked for
Boss today is not in the mood today
And no more flair for the dramatics, you got me?
She's seriously asking him for a date
She's seriously asking him for a date
Let's not play blame game here
Let's not play blame game here
Colleagues remember yesterday evening, but you're ashamed of it - the corporate party had a success
Young caucasian man writing in a notebook
Young caucasian man thinking while holding a notebook and a pen
Got distracted a little from the work
Selfie is needed when you're working at office
In the middle of working process
Enjoying my work time
Who said studying is boring?
Young man writing something in notebook
Man going to punch his female colleague with folded papers
Are you at least listening to me?
I'm asking you what's that thing
We should get another's opinion about that
I'm not pretty confident is this right
Hmm, you know, it seems not bad at all
No, i'm too tired to redo it right now
Have any ideas about that?
Well, i'm not quite good with that
Should we be worried about that?
Did you do what i've asked you for, huh?
How could've you done such a reckless thing?
You've failed the task given to you
Focused on some work stuff
Design creation process
Design creation process
Surprised office employee sitting in desert and looking on female robot
Laughing young caucasian student sitting at the table and writing something down in the notebook
Young caucasian man holding a notebook and a pen
Young caucasian man thinking while holding a notebook and a pen
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