Nurse Stock Photos

Smiling nurse holding some pills
Injection practice
Young fenale medical worker standing with her hands crossed
Treating patients with care and compassion
Is this included in the appointment price?
Is this included in the appointment price?
Oh gosh, you're running a high temperature
Your temperature is normal today
So, i insert the needle into the muscle at a certain angle...
Injection practice
Are you ready for vaccination?
I know how to safely remove disposable gloves
It's very good pain relief injection
I was taught how to put on gloves at the nursing school
Wearing sterile gloves protect our patients
Our hands is a vehicle for transmitting infection between patients and medical staff
It's all about confidence
Don't worry i'm scared too
I will take care of you
Young man with cerebral palsy and a nurse taking care of him
I'm making my morning rounds and checking patients' temperature
So there you go, the fever is down
I know how to make injections gently
It's really a good vaccine
Only disposable syringes are used in medical procedures
I know how to make injections gently
Gloves should fit snugly around wrists and hands
Working as a surgical nurse is ultimately rewarding
Getting ready to giving injections
Work day is about to get started
Young nurse looking angry and making an injection