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Whatever you're gonna say i will not like it. actually, i went further and am already not liking you in advance
Oh, so now i am the one who is guilty??
Is something wrong with my hair?
How many times do i have to tell you-
Stop playing tricks on me, or i'll get angry!
Stop playing tricks on me, or i'll get angry!
Hold on-
Excuse me?? how did you just call me???
What do you mean blue is not my colour
How could you have the audacity-
You think that you know this but it's not so
You had one job, one job, carl! how did you manage to fail it twice??
I have no words left, only gestures
I'm gonna walk like this all the time and look at you judgmentally so you wouldn't be able to talk behind my back without feeling guilty
I don't know why you're mad, honestly
Let's not have a fight today, ok?
An unexpected turn of events
Don't even get me started on this, boy
Don't be a grumpy, come here
What the heck, man
We've discussed this thousand times, were you even listening??
What the-
I just don't understand how it is possible to mess such an easy task! it was impossible to fail and yet somehow you've managed it!!
When you thought nothing could be worse but life took it as a challenge
The highest point of disbelief: achieved
Boy, you better don't mess with me, you know
Am i singing or am i having an emotional breakdown? who knows
Whaat- i did not sign up for this, man
Allow me just to fix the situation
Please, my love, don't be mad at me
New family life starting quite good
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