Old-man Stock Photos

Well, nice talking to you, old man
I am warning you for the last time
So, what do you got for me, man?
If you call me old timer once again...
We'll see who has the last laugh
Well, what's in the papers today?
Dear me! what a shame!
You have no chance of getting out now
Join our cigar smokers club
Having quite satisfying conversation
I love spending time with my grandma
Look, what nice pictures are here!
Let me think about it
I've got an interesting idea
You have excellent coordination, sir.
What a joy to meet you at last!
Let me tell you something, man
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
Well, what's in the papers today?
I'll get you anyway!
Don't you dare come near me!
Good god, i'm an old fool!
I'm as strong as an ox
Old professor holding book and looks surprised
Gingerbread man cookie
I can't believe how fast time flies
You know what?
Hmm what if we...
Pile of old newspapers on white background
Hands up, you've been catched