Having great time with my wifey from now on
Couldn't have been better
Heart-to-heart talk
Heart-to-heart talk
Laughter is the best form of therapy
Contented with the results
Kiddo, seems like you've come to wrong family
No matter how much time passes but we're still best bros
Hey, look at this thing
C'mon, let's fool around a little
Making my brother a rich guy
Things have been just amazing lately
Yeah, that seems not bad at all
I'm all right, and you?
This digital device is quite a thing
Thumbs up for a great result
Marriage is about newlyweds having fun
Yeah, everything is just great
It feels good
Being optimistic about what's coming
Being optimistic about what's coming
Kiddo, seems like you've come to wrong family
Even now as in good old times
Fooling around with my bro
Brothers jokes never become old
Wow, he did do a lot of training
Everything is going just great
Young guy seems like paying attention to something
That idea seems just great for me
Old professor standing at the table and holding digital tablet
Trying my best at getting this surface to perfection
Optimistic and positive about all the work day troubles