Having great time with my wifey from now on
Productive working day starts with coffee
Well, folks, let's get to the work
Enjoying life and smile no matter what
Life is a precious gift and i enjoy it
Even now as in good old times
Fooling around with my bro
Hey, look at this thing
Just great time in brother's company
Brothers jokes never become old
Wow, he did do a lot of training
When you've seen something super funny
Things have been just amazing lately
Yeah, that seems not bad at all
Energetic and optimistic
Marriage is about newlyweds having fun
Positive and optimistic about new work day
Living my life to the fullest
Enjoying life and smile no matter what
Always optimistic and positive about this life
No matter how much time passes but we're still best bros
Yeah, we have extremely different preferences
Me and brother are the best team ever
Like to fool around with younger bro
C'mon, let's fool around a little
Making my brother a rich guy
Everything is going just great
Young guy seems like paying attention to something
That idea seems just great for me
Energetic and optimistic