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Female hand folding pages
Getting through to get some info
Getting to know better info about plants
Getting informed about nature
Reviewing nice inspirational shots
Studying session time
Searching for an inspiration
Searching for an inspiration
Having quite lovely reading time
Spending some leisure with reading
Drowning in old photos memories
Involved in reading things
Flipping through the pages for an inspiration
Dicovering some new details
Young collector of herbarium
Flipping through magazine's pages while enjoying sun
Enjoying magazine and just sunbathing
Contemplating beauty and reading some info
Open book
Getting informed about nature
Nature gifts for the reading time
Getting informed about nature
Young girl sitting at the table and flipping through pages
Flipping through magazine pages, having coffee and just relaxing
Educating myself
Educating myself about important stuff
Watching old pictured to refresh memory
Flipping through pages to get insipration
Getting inspired and looking at some photos
Getting inspired and looking at some photos
Having a little break and just enjoying the time
Flipping through pages and having a coffee
There is something romantic in finding dry flowers folded between books' pages, isn't it?
Those wonderful moments of friends' talking
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