In the middle of hair styling process
In the middle of hair styling process
Men cry too
I'm gonna strangle him with my own hands
I'm feeling so lonely already
My neck hurts so much
Oh, i think i'm done with work for today
Taking a little break
Taking a little break
Refreshing myself after exhaustive work time
Female architect sitting at the table and touching her head with both hands
Giving a fresh thought to all this
Ok, so what do you think about that?
Everyone reacts differently to a stress
I know how to make injections gently
It's very good pain relief injection
And how on earth do i have to fix it somehow?
What a nuisance!
I'm gonna miss you
Yeah, i should slow down with those cakes
Handsome young man with displeased facial expression pointing at his teeth with a finger
Trying to distract myself a little
Taking a little break
Oh, it was an intensive work day
Neck's pain is part of work too
Distracting from work a little bit
A little break from work is just needed
Being overwhelmed with amount of work
I always get a headache after house cleaning
Are you ready for vaccination?
When you're in a hurry for a date
When you're in a hurry for a date