You need to proofread this part
We should get another's opinion about that
Wow, it sounds gorgeous!
Guess you didn't know that!
Some tasks make me feel like breaking down
You're doing great, dear!
What a nice voice, dear!
You're doing great, dear!
Listen to this track, mom
They love spending time together
She's ready to call to action
A few minutes before making a speech
I was persuasive, wasn't i?
Asian female office employee checking phone
It's not what we've been discussing
Well, he already knows more than i do
A big future ahead of you, dear...
What seems to be the problem, honey?
The pleasure of reading together with my son
What have you found there, sweety?
Listen to this track, mom
You are such a fast learner!
You're doing great, dear!
He's growing up in the digital age
She's good at making speeches
It's time to speak out openly
Asian office employee involved in phone conversation
Here the list ends
You can request a photo if you haven’t found the right one
Request a photo