Moment of happy time spending with friends
Wearing this suit as a pro
Totally involved in thoughts
Got a present for my love
Wondering what's hiding there
Coffee is my first thought in the morning
Flower delivery to my special one
Photosession is coming
It's something great about making photo with this
Flower head is quite a fashion decision
Wearing this suit as a pro
Making a couple photo with my love
Today got me pensive
Totally rocking this denim look
Young man in denim suit sitting on the chair
Enjoying company of each other
I've got something nice for you
These are your favorite, right?
How about espresso?
Coffee wakes me up and makes me ready to go
Coffee is needed as never
These photos are impressing
Photoshooting going just great
Photos gonna be great
How about some photo making?
It's denim revolution, baby
Feeling tired and quite exhausted
Taking pictures is my photo and passion
Trying to get some best shots done
Feeling unamused at the seaside
Feeling unamused at the seaside