Still can't believe that this day finally came
Posing for our wedding album photos
Today is just the best today
Trying my photographer skills on my love
Making a photo of my love
Here you go love, looks quite great
Isn't it just lovely, huh?
Yeap, fashion posing is quite my thing
Posing well is quite my thing
Yeap, posing is definitely my thing
I really know how to look good
Today's day got me pensive a bit
Morticia addams posing
Hit me with some great pose now
And of all the guys she chose me
This day couldn't feel any better
Wedding day is the one i've been expecting the most
Making a photo of my love
Making a photo of my love
Catching this moment with a camera
My four paws friend is just adorable
Posing for a photo with my fluffy friend
I'm good at choosing clothes and posing
Trying my best at looking cool
Posing well is quite my thing
Making a family photo, well almost family
Got myself ready and prepared for halloween celebration
Noir vibes i'm feeling here
We are together now and forever
Young girl in white body posing