Stock Photos: young asian smiling

The embodiment of elegance
A dancing fairy
When every movement tells you a story
I call all the ballerines b-alien-rines as no human can be that graceful and you won't change my mind
She smiled while dancing, and everything about her was perfect, and i fell in love instantly
There is 'u' in a 'beauty' for a reason
Each move is like a flight of the prettiest butterfly you've ever seen
This is exactly how i imagined fairies would look like
She can make you believe she is from another world in a few seconds on the pointe shoes
The art of looking effortless while doing impossible things
Soft and graceful
She is beauty, she is grace, she makes this world a better place
She makes my heart beat in the rhythm of the sounds of her pointe shoes
The vibes of a careless summer day
Elegance and magic
The definition of perfection is just this picture on an empty page
Like the lightest feather in the wind
If an emotion were a human
The art of looking like art
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