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I'm not pretty confident is this right
No no, i'm not prepared
You're supposed to do what you've been asked for
Oh no, he's going to ruin my house
Why is it so expensive? excellent service is never cheap!
Oh no, he's going to ruin my house
Moment of happy time spending with friends
Isn't that too expensive though?
Boss today is not in the mood today
Are you at least listening to me?
What? are you kidding me?
Why she's crying and how can i stop that?
Take a look at the price list, please!
That's all that i have
We should reconsider it, ok?
Hmm, you know, it seems not bad at all
No, i'm too tired to redo it right now
Guess, we even don't need to change anything
Have any ideas about that?
Interested in colleague's idea
We should get another's opinion about that
My vendetta bat is coming for you
I'm asking you what's that thing
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
I'm so happy to call you my wife from now on
I'm so happy to call you my wife from now on
And only eternity will put us apart
Never making me forget about your sense of humour, huh
Please, my love, don't be mad at me
Let's not have a fight today, ok?
I love taking pictures of my girlfriend
Focused on some work stuff
How could've you done such a reckless thing?
Oh no, he's going to ruin my house
You've failed the task given to you
That plumber man is so strange
Oh no, the flood is getting worse
So i repaired all this... 500 dollars, please
Listen to me, i'm the headmaster here
Listen to me, i'm the headmaster here
Did you do what i've asked you for, huh?
And no more flair for the dramatics, you got me?
When you recieve your hard-earned money
Is this the payment for the whole day of hard work?
Double thinking gives better result
Enjoying company of each other
So what i'm proposing here is...
What's going on here?
You're right, i think it's great
Should we be worried about that?
I guess, we need configure this one
How many times do i have to tell you this?
What's going on here?
Well, i'm not quite good with that
Man going to punch his female colleague with folded papers
Ha-ha, i adore you, love
Marriages are made in heaven
Allow me just to fix the situation
I don't know why you're mad, honestly
New family life starting quite good
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