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I'm pretty sure i didn't have this t-shirt when i started washing clothes today
Pretty young girl listening to music with closed eyes
Let me just drown in this music
Wow, i bet you wanna hear it
Are they talking about me?
Don't waste time, come and let's loosen up
What a great song to loosen up a little bit
The word "lonely" has "one" in it and i'm pretty sure there must be some philosophy behind it
Will they notice if i just put the rest underneath like this
No funny business
My job here is done
I mean, technically it's not mine, but the main question here is not who's gonna allow me to take it but who's gonna stop me from doing so
Why am i doing this, no one is probably gonna notice anything anyway
Guess, you would like it too
The music is just amazing
Don't stand there, try listen to this
Oh, it makes me feel so relaxed
Adore this song, it's so wonderful
Let's listen to some music, boy, it's fun
Don't just stand here, enjoy the company
Applying makeup can be a pretty meditative thing if you know what you're doing
Come to think of it, cleaning is some kind of meditation
That moment when you get hit by the existential crisis in the middle of folding your clothes
I've bought everything i've needed, right?
Too good for you
A silent serene moment for yourself
A silent serene moment for yourself
I prefer playing in the headphones as i don't want anyone cheering me up except for freddie mercury
So, let's have a nice evening today!
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