Well, i'm pretty confident about my work week
Prepared and ready to face the working week
Pretty aged woman sitting at the computer desk
Loosen up ourselves, guys
The music is just amazing
Pretty young employee drinking coffee
I'm not pretty confident is this right
Well, i could be a little distracted after intensive work
Give yourself a smile, it's a best cure!
Don't stand there, try listen to this
Seems like we have something interesting here
Allow me to present myself to you
I don't understand what is written there
Distracting from work thoughts a little
Adore this song, it's so wonderful
C'mon, guys, listen to this
Thinking about some architecture ideas
Melody brings my best summer memories
I mean, have you seen it?
Confident young businesswoman holding a cup of coffee
Don't waste time, come and let's loosen up
Don't just stand here, enjoy the company
It's such a cool band, just give it a try
Oh, i' starting to feel freedom of movements with this song
Working in some nice office atmosphere
Life of young office worker consists of caffeine, sweat and tears
Girl expresses happiness about something happened
'i knew, i'm capable of it!'
Businesslady pointing something with her finger
Businesswoman snapping her fingers
Gotta be careful with all the data
Pretty aged woman sitting at the computer desk
Taking work stuff notes
Pretty young girl revising some documents
Well, i'm pleasantly surprised with your act
This article is just amazing
Oh, say again, i was just so immersed in music
Pretty young girl listening to music with closed eyes
Let me just drown in this music
Baby, there's something we should talk about
Oh, it makes me feel so relaxed
Wow, i bet you wanna hear it
Hold on a sec, i need to see this
Pretty young woman standing at the table and holding pen
Hey boy, you wanna listen to some music too?
Are they talking about me?
Guessing about new work ideas
I guess, no one revised it before send it to me
Let's listen to some music, boy, it's fun
Guessing about new work ideas
Give this music a chance, it truly worth it
What a nice piece of work you've done
What a great song to loosen up a little bit
This song gives me wings and desire to fly
Hehe my joke turned out well
Hehe my joke turned out well
Sit back and relax
Businesswoman snapping her fingers
Girl standing and looking straight in a camera
'ready to face the problems'
The main thing is never to give up