Working place? in this economy?
Ready to try a new palette
Whatever is going on over there i'm not impressed
Not sure if the job is so troublesome or the problem is me
Join the allies, spread the love
Digital art selected
I choose you
Is it a suit or pj's? who cares when you work from home! i wear it 24/7 and have no reason to stop
Showing my support in all the possible ways
Have you ever seen such beauty?
I don't 'do the makeup', i create art
I support lgbt rights, and you?
Proud to be here supporting my brothers, sisters and all the others standing for their rights
I'd say i'm interested but mama taught me to never lie
That awkward pause when you suddenly lose a train of a thought for no reason in particular
Digital art selected
You wanna look good? i'll make you look good
Liking my own posts from the secret account is a form of self-care
Never tried any of these tints before so i'm pretty excited
Welp, that was expectable
Not sure if i like the zips, but the overall look is pretty nice
Applying the eyeshadows before putting on the face powder is a super new trend, i've just created it
Digital art selected
Don't you worry, a nice little scarf from the newest collection, i'll come back to you as soon as i tuck all these bags in my car
Makeup gives me confidence and doing my hair helps me to relax and just feel the moment
Think twice before wasting my time, boy
I hope you have something really important to say after interrupting me like that
It got stuck and won't let go, this hairbrush is a part of me now
A friendly chat with a colleague
The future is here and it is coloured in rainbow
This is my favourite colour
Feeling like i'm finally living my true life and it's perfect
Sometimes answering a client's request i like to pretend that i'm a queen kindly granting the wish of her servant
Okay then, bye! see you later
What do you mean the colour palette is wrong?
Pastel and rainbow, my two main moods in this life
Truly happy to be who i am and support those who are still in the process of getting there!
Wait, what was that sound?
Thankful to be at the point of history where i can proudly raise my flag and be understood and supported
Digital art selected
Digital art selected
Looking like a princess, feeling like a queen
I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt but i'll make these high heels work
Spring vibes!
Spread the love, stop the hate
You'd better not play with my feelings, trust me, you're not gonna like the outcome
Checking myself out in the mirror before applying the finishing touch
Person with a violin by person
I always put on something pastel for our skype meetings to look like a princess so the clients wouldn't be able to get too angry with this cuteness
Posing with a new palette before i mess it up
I know what i'll be wearing today