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Wow, it seems like he's reading to himself
How smart you are, little man!
What is here on the picture, honey?
It looks like he already has his favorite poem
Girls' coffee break time
Girls' chatting, coffee and just chilling
Reading all the latest gossips
Are you thinking what i'm thinking?
Girls, have you seen this before?
Just enjoying the time with my ladies
We always have a lot to talk about
It's so much fun when we're meeting with my girls
It's always so much fun with my ladies
Their sense of humour is just on top
She's getting her son in love with reading at a very early age
Who's there taking photos of us?
He loves books more than toys
Dummy stops you from talking, honey, give it to me
Thinking about all these fashion news
When you discover some huge news
Is this new guy, huh?
These latest fashion trends are quite interesting
Girls, have you heard the last news?
I've never seen anyone who looks good in such a dress
I've never seen anyone who looks good in such a dress
Having just the best time talking to my girls
The best coffee time spending is with them
When we're having the best fun time with the ladies
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