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Reaching out to boss isn't tough
Skyscrapers rising up thanks to men like me
Seems like there's no building process without shouting
Taking a little break from the work
What's written there is not good at all
Last formal checks before starting work process
Figuring out last work details
When you can't stand coworker's incompetence any longer
Guess, it's right the time to start building process
Construction worker using radio phone and showing stop gesture
Just a quick rest from the work
Last preparations and let's get to work
Amount of work that is yet to be done is just enermous
Street worker job is a tough to do
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
When i said i need help i ddin't mean this
Pause after physically demanding job
Controlling construction building process
I guess, we need to reconsider this
But these work conditions are just nonsence
He makes me so nervous, i can't stand him anymore
I need more detailed explanation of this
Before starting the building process it's important to take caution
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
Got thirsty after all this hardwork
Controlling the building process
Amount of work to do is enermous
Safety is first thing in street worker's job
Thinking about amount of work that is yet to do
Preparing the spot for future work