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Proud sailor sitting at the table and holding rope
Work day is about to start
Work time is about to start
Ready to start sailor's work day
Sailor work is so great
Thinking about all that hard work
Young traveller sitting at the table and planning a trip
Planning expedition requires time and efforts
Studying map and preparing myself for a trip
Yeap, we're gonna head right there
Grab the rope and follow the signs
Hope i've got everything i planned
Incurable dreamer
You know, it's a good idea
That's looking interesting
Hit the road, jack
Grab the rope and hold it tight
Ready for hard work day
Getting ready for the work day
Having few thoughts before work day
Sailor work is so great
Sailor sitting at the table with marine rope on his neck and looking aside
Sailor work requires devotion
Ready to explore the world
Involved in some expedition planning
Preparing myself for great new adventure
It's time to travel and open the world
Seems like that boy got the wrong costume
Seems like that boy got the wrong costume
Incurable dreamer
It's worth better examining
It's worth better examining
Can i help you with something
The whole world is open up for us
Going on an adventure
I'll try hard but get out of here
Here the list ends
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