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Woke up early and just still can't figure it out
Lemons remind me of some old good memories
Any ideas about lemon recipes?
Trying to start the day right
Love this lemon's scent
Some slow morning start of the day
Breakfast time isn't the best part time of the day
Got some breakfast here
Oh i see, this spoon is good for teething
Give me back the spoon so you can eat
Stop fiddling with a spoon, be a good boy
Choo-choo, open wide, here comes the train
Be a good boy, eat properly
Open the tunnel, here comes the train!
Mom, how long should i wait?
Treat yourself to a piece of yummy homemade pie
Something is definitely missing in this recipe
Can i tempt you to try a piece of my pie?
It's my treat, so do try please
Pie baking starts with a dough
Homemade apple pie, you must taste it!
I've tried my best at cooking this pie
I've baked this pie at my family's request
Just taste it, you'll love it!
Young girl having cereal with milk and biscuits
Fresh and organic stuff we have here
Enjoying my breakfast time
Healthy recipes on the way
Berries are my kind of sweet treat
Thinking about some cooking ideas
Feeling a little bit tired already
Whe not take a picture with some lemons here?
Woke up early and trying to cheer myself up
Hm, isn't it a little too much for the breakfast?
Having the very first meal of the day
When the morning starts correctly
Wish all mornings could be like this
Jeez it's her and her doughnuts again
Open your mouth, here comes the airplane
He's teething and biting everything he can reach
Stop fiddling with a spoon, be a good boy
Well, the spoon isn't edible, is it?
Well, he's teething, isn't he?
You're such a good eater today
I'm really good at baking, so help yourself
An apple is so nice that it seems a real pity to cook it
I've tried my best at cooking this pie
Would you like to taste a freshly baked apple pie?
It's my treat, so do try please
Help yourself to a homemade apple pie
Who wants to try this homemade pie?
Nothing makes me as happy as trying a new recipe
Home baking is really my thing
Young girl eating cereal with milk
This is kind of breakfasti i like
Today for dessert we've got natural treat
Gonna have glass of milk
Got some natural gifts of the season
Wondering about some recipes
Wondering what to cook with these