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Young guy wearing apron and putting on gloves
Young househusband putting on gloves
Young househusband holding wasin with cleaning utensils and brush
Turning cleaning into great time spending
Excited househusband holding mop like a guitar
Doing house chores like a real pro
Well, it's gonna be a great cleaning day
Proper glove sizing is the key to good cleaning
Did you know that the size of your gloves can affect your mood?
Let's call it a day
So, where shall we start?
Getting ready for big cleaning day
Thinking about all this cleaning routine
Young househusband holding mop on his back
Doing house chores like a real pro
Gonna have quality time cleaning the house
'cause cleaning doesn't have to be boring at all
Young househusband holding mop behind his back and sjowing thumbs up
No way, can't stand working with them on
I can't stand the process of taking these gloves off
I love my cleaning gloves
And on top of everything else, they cause skin allergy
Here the list ends
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