shrugging Stock Photos

Young asian student in a sweater shrugging
Why won't she listen to me!
Indignant to the point of having no words
The highest point of disbelief: achieved
So what if i'm late, at least i'll look good when i'm finally there
Why are you all like this?? you make me sad!
I have no words left, only gestures
What do you mean blue is not my colour
Looking great feeling great
Thank you, next
Welp, that was expectable
Okay, i surrender. the color chaos has won
If you have any problem with my identity, it's your problem, not mine
Sport is life
I was pretty happy with my early awakening until i realised it was pm time
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
It's good that you called me before it was too late
Plumber to the rescue!
Are you sure that you know how to do it?
So austria and australia are two different countries and you are telling me this now??
Am i singing or am i having an emotional breakdown? who knows
I just don't understand how it is possible to mess such an easy task! it was impossible to fail and yet somehow you've managed it!!
When you thought nothing could be worse but life took it as a challenge
Welp, i guess it won
No interviews until i'm done with my morning routine
What do you mean i shouldn't spend so much time on myself??
Can't believe i woke up before the alarm clock
Does anyone know what to do with those things
What do you mean i forgot to wind it up
Here the list ends
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