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Woke up early and just still can't figure it out
Young girl looking on the book through magnifying glass
Reading is my favorite thing to do
When the morning starts correctly
Whe not take a picture with some lemons here?
Any ideas about lemon recipes?
Trying to start the day right
Breakfast time isn't the best part time of the day
Got some breakfast here
Dicovering some new details
Reading got me pensive
Taking a minute and just relax
Photography is both my passion and my work
Waiting for the company to start the real fun
Hm, isn't it a little too much for the breakfast?
Botany is my favorite thing to do
Some slow morning start of the day
Lemons remind me of some old good memories
Love this lemon's scent
Woke up early and trying to cheer myself up
Having the very first meal of the day
Wish all mornings could be like this
Reading about photo stuff
Educating myself about photography making
Considering photo options
This vase looking just great
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
Here the list ends
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