Guessing about all that road still to make
Mother nature share your power with me
Ah, my first book of spells.. sweet memories
They suit my today's shirt, i guess that was the sign from the universe for me to pick them up
Soon-to-wither flowers for a fading memory of summer
Last reminders of the long gone summer
Pirates have their parrots on the shoulder, i have something way better
Serenity of a simple life
Sometimes the simplest gift is the most valuable one
Becoming closer to the nature
Beautiful and confident, like the autumn itself
And suddenly every word they sing is about you
Skipping through all friends' messages
Handsome mature man standing in profile
It gives me tips on how to take care of it.. bad tips, i must say
Pensive young indian woman touching chin with a head
And even though this map is of another city, once i figure out the pattern of its similarities with the city i am in-
At least this map won't die after a few hours of usage without recharging.. i hope
Best buy of the month
Girls, do you recognize this one?
Just a few more days and the adventure starts!
I took my sunglasses with me 'cause baby your smile is bright like a sun
Modern and pensive businessman
I'm listening carefully, keep going~
Pensive young indian woman touching hair with a toothbrush
We always have what to talk about
Adoring myself in the mirror
Getting to know the latest news from friends
Sometimes a certain tune will make you stop in your tracks to get caught in the whirl of sudden memories
Aged man looks totally involved in phone talk
It could pass for a christmas tree toy if it weren't too heavy
The best bouquets are the ones you can eat afterwards
Reading between the lines? too easy! reading without the lines is what i'm into nowadays
Life without dill will never be i-dill-al
Sometimes a single autumn bouquet is just enough to bring back all the sweet memories from past
Minimalism is just a style unless it comes from your heart
Let's listen what the pomegranate has to say
Sometimes going eco and living a simple minimalist life is just enough to make you happy
When a simple gesture means so much
Neat and pretty like the essence of the last day of september
Simple, minimalistic life calls for independence and i have a lot of that for sure
Immersed in the depth of thoughts
No matter that the day just started, i'm tired
Lately i'm not happy with anything
Analyzing past and creating for the future
Took off my pink glasses but keep seeing the world as a pretty nice place
Okay, let's see what they wrote me while i was away
Ready for the treasure hunting
Not sure what i want but i want it now
When you see old friends sitting in the cafe
Not the ones i actually wanted
Music got me pensive and thoughtful
Aged man holding tablet and standing in profile
Pensive young indian woman touching hair with a toothbrush
Me, appearing at the friend's house when they least expect it
Adoring myself in the mirror
Looking at my crush when they don't see me
Is liking the sound of the word guacamole a good enough reason to try and make it
Having a lot to talk about here
It's hard to believe to some things