Aged man pointing out something to his wife
Aged couple sitting at the table and having coffee and cookies
Coffee break time in company of my wife
Aged couple having coffee and watching movie on tablet
Involved in discussion during the movie
Oh my goodness!
What did i do wrong?
How much money did you spend shopping?
Why are you looking at me like that?
Elegant senior couple making a selfie
I think we have to talk seriously
Checking out the camera on my new phone
Disgusted husband pointing at something and showing it to wife
Middle aged couple holding hands and looking attentively on something
And we're always here to support each other
Having just the best coffee time with my love
Is this some joke i'm supposed to understand, huh?
Sweet little moments just for two of us
Aged couple sitting at table and looking at digital tablet
Good gracious!
My precious heart
How much money did you spend shopping?
Well, for goodness sake!
Don't we look amazing
Don't we look amazing
Checking out the camera on my new phone
As happy as we used to be years ago
Oh, i haven't heard about that from you
Just strolling around and enjoying company of each other
Smiling middle aged couple standing back to back