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Giving this look a life
Handsome cunning man turning from back
Yes, i'm talking to you
Just you wait, boy!
What she's up to?
Yeah, this act is better watched without specs
No talking in my classes
Did anyone do their homework?
How do you evaluate your chances?
I look good, don't i?
Well, i really know how to put makeup
Do you want to bet against me?
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
If you have any problem with my identity, it's your problem, not mine
Are you ready for the meeting?
It's not easy to find 'me' in 'money' unless you try really hard or unless you change the order of things and these are the words i live by
Hiding the treasures
You want my money? you aren't getting them that easy, boy
Dogs have owners, cats have staff
Dogs have owners, cats have staff
Can you guess what i'm thinking about?
No talking in my classes
Just you wait, boy!
Well. let's play this game
I haven't seen him for a long time, he's grown up so much
Do you want to do trial test now or tomorrow?
Beautiful young teacher in terracotta jacket putting her scales off
But there's still plenty left
I'm telling you guys, this lipstick suits me
Girls always have something on their mind
I am warning you for the last time
What about you? nice or naughty?
We are watching you
Is it real? i want to touch you.
Oh no, my hand slipped
There's nothing money wouldn't fix
A fat man pointing at someone with a sly look
Here the list ends
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