Roosevelt wore a bowtie too
Well, it's a cautionary tale...
Old professor hugging globus
Involved in thoughts old professor holding globus
This science decision is not my thing
Feeling quite serious when thinking about science
Old professor holding book and looks surprised
Laughing mature professor standing with his hands folded and eyeglasses off
Mature man pointing up and looks like explaining something
Laughing mature professor holding his glasses
Excited mature professor adjusting eyeglasses
Mature man adjusting his eyglasses and looking lost
Mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Pleasant company and smart talks makes this evening
Pleasant company and smart talks makes this evening
Enjoying a fine cigar over a good conversation
How do you like my classical style, huh?
Would you take a closer look on this spot?
Well, and what do you think about this thing?
Old professor holding globus and looking hugely distured with something
Serious looking old professor standing with his hands folded
Oh, how could you say it, it's my favorite book
Taking a closer look on places to visit
Quite contented with work result
Well, and what we're gonna do about that?
Mature professor looking confused
I have some problems with understanding that
Oh, i didn't see it coming
Mature professor seems to don't understand something
Knowledge is power!
Knowledge is power!
What could be better than enjoying a cigar over good conversation