It's just a perfect selfie time
Taking it easy
Spending a lot of time with my phone
You can definitely call me a digital geek
You can call me a tech user
Finding ideas for some new project
Drowning in the digital world
Checking social networks
Did i pay the internet bill last month?
Woman using the smartphone
Woman using the smartphone
Scrolling through some photos after the gym
Well, i don't see any abs on the pic
Seems like we have a lot to talk about with my girls
We're living in such a digital world...
We're living in such a digital world...
Figuring out what's wrong here
Selfie is always a good idea
Just spending some time surfing in the net
Telephone nowadays is quite an accessory
Telephone using got me like that
You can call me a tech user
Scrolling through social media together
Social network posts keeps me smiling
Tired young man looking at the screen of his smartphone
That's the 100th message for today
Seems like she's not in the very good shape right now
Oh, she posted such a lovely pic
Guys, how do you like this pic here?
Getting through all these messages
Young woman sitting on chair and using smartphone
Got a lot to do but i'm gonna handle it