A few more minutes of this meeting and i'll start taking selfies or something, this boredom is killing me
It's been a while without us hearing and i'm all ears
Got to hear all the latest news from friends
Well, i was about to write something
So done of hearing all these things
There's something i don't get here
Don't get at all what should i do about that
Outraged young guy using smartphone
Young man holding phone and looking aside
Wish i haven't had said anything like that
Focusing on getting all those memes
Seems like disturbing news he's got to hear
Young guy listening attentively to what is said on the phone
Well, we should figure something out about that
Smiling young guy talking on the phone
I have no idea what they're talking about but we're already too deep into the conversation for this confession
Being social active nowadays is difficult
Looking just great today for a selfie
Looking just great today for a selfie
When conversation is giving you a hard time
It's definitely a look for today
Guessing about proper response to this
Young guy holding smartphone
Gosh, how on earth is this even possible?
It's time to chat a little or what?
Guess, you can call me tech addicted
Totally focused on this conversation
Didn't expect to hear these news
Chatting with friends after a while is so fun
Hearing unexpected news over the phone isn't easy