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Sweet and funny idea for wedding ceremony
Definitely not a typical marriage ceremony
Ready to the life together with my man
They both know the answer
Marriage proposal
Marriage proposal
The greatest surprise in my life
Will he say "yes"?
I just wanted see you smile
Young man talking on the phone and smiling
So glad to hear you, friend
Friendly smile
Oh, you know how to tell jokes, good job
Young handsome man standing next to a whiteboard and holding his hands crossed
His smile says: "help me"
Funny time at the wedding we're having
Husband and wife fun time
We definitely will remember our marriage
One of those moments that you remember all your life
Will she say "yes"...?
She asked, and i said "yes"
Popping the big question
Popping the big question
When you try to smile sincerely but something goes wrong
Glad to find like-minded people
Worry less, smile more
Young handsome teacher smiling and sitting at the table
Young handsome teacher sitting at the table with his hands crossed behind the head
Backpack full of books, head full of knowledge
His smile says: "help me"