Education Stock Photos: asian

I am getting so forgetful
Supporting pupils is teacher's duty too
Time to show what we've training for
Strict young teacher and ignoring student
I'm telling you this for the hundredth time!
Last advices before game
My patience is exhausted!
I don't understand what's happening
The pleasure of reading together with my son
No book helped me to find the right answer, so i have no other choice but to ask you straight: why are you like this
Game starts soon and we're ready as never before
Well, he already knows more than i do
Games results can be frustrating
No, just look at him!
I'm telling you this for the hundredth time!
No, just look at him!
My patience is exhausted!
He's listening to music during classes
Hey, i'm here to support you
Guess you didn't know that!
Confident and ready to show our powers
Had the best time during the game
Ask me, i know the answer!
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