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So finally it happened!
So finally it happened!
Yeah, i ate too much, but it was so good!
Victory, only victory and nothing but victory
I am warning you for the last time
Let's see who's stronger
Well, nice talking to you, old man
Old fashionable woman looking shocked and surprised
Smiling old professor holding a book with hands spread
I'm so confused
Nothing can bring my mood down today
Wow, that's what i call a good idea!
Aged couple having coffee and watching movie on tablet
Ok, and now tell me what's this?
But kiddo, i don't have so many gifts
Information in this book just blows me away
Too-full feeling after eating just a little too much
So, what do you have for me, kiddo?
Old professor seems like saying something and holding a tablet
What have i done!
If you call me old timer once again...
Such an exhausting day
Feeling so wonderful and just enjoying the time
Feeling so unbothered and loosen up
Amazed old professor reading a book
Don't you dare come near me!
You wanna say that again?
Old fashionable woman looking shocked and surprised
We'll see who has the last laugh
Laughing old professor holding a small blackboard
What a faux pas!
Smiling grandparents and granddaughter wrapping christmas presents
Everything is just great, so why don't smile?
Kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Grandparents holding threads while wrapping gifts with granddaughter
I'm all right, and you?
Grandparents're surprised wtih seeing their grandkid for the first time
Old professor holding a book and looking surprised with what's in it
I didn't know this movie is so much fun
What about you? nice or naughty?
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