so so

So far seems like a typical flu
Should we brush teeth, huh?
Don't be so grumpy, we're just checking your temperature
You suppose clean teeth like this
No, just look at him!
My patience is exhausted!
He's listening to music during classes
So, what problem we've got here?
Not hearing anything bothering for now
See, doctor's visiting aren't always sad
I need to see your teeth wide and clear
Do you have any complaints about that?
I can't go to school today, right?
I need to see your teeth wide and clear
Ok, let me see the problem wide and clearly
That's why you've been feeling bad lately
I am getting so forgetful
Waiting for today's patients
No, just look at him!
Strict young teacher and ignoring student
I'm telling you this for the hundredth time!
I'm telling you this for the hundredth time!
My patience is exhausted!
Let's check your lungs, ok?
The real scientist should always be ready to win over the result of their experiment in a hand-to-hand combat that's why we are always so tense during the tests
No book helped me to find the right answer, so i have no other choice but to ask you straight: why are you like this
Ask me, i know the answer!
Ok boy, let's get your temperature checked
Female doctor showing her tongue out and examining her patient's mouth
So, seems like you've got some serious flu
I'm gonna prescribe some peels, that should be enough
Here the list ends
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