solving Stock Photos

A lot to think about when it comes to case solving
Counting all the time to get full picture
Proud of myself
Okay, i surrender. the color chaos has won
Challenge accepted, you colorful ***
A hard mode? oh no, this is just my warm-up!
You thought i'd solve it? haa i just mixed it up even more
Welp, i guess it won
Lol we're matching
Investigating for the case
Male detective looking into distance through binocular
This how detective's work day looks like
Focusing at solving this case
Trying to figure out things
Solving business problems distantly
Solving business problems is not easy
Can you imagine modern life without smartphones?
Solving business problems is not easy
Call center agent pulling off his headset while working on computer
Well, this crossword puzzle is too mind boggling
Well, let's see what proofs do we have here
Hair problems won't make us weak
Creative thinking makes me a little bit tired
Involved in some case solving
Solving plumber's work issues
Trying to understand the letter
Thinking about something and writing my thoughts on paper
Intrigued and involved in reading
When work is also a pleasant time spending
Giving a thought to all these evidences
If it was a competition, i'd win
If it was a competition, i'd win
One done, now onto the next one
Cold, collected and concentrated
The miniature: me and my life
Yet another example of how i am able to achieve literally anything if it helps me to procrastinate my job a little longer
Exploring the outside things to get what's there
Look, i've recolored it with a marker to make it look solved. creative thinking, huh?
Discovering things is a part of crime solving
This is a creation of an evil genius
Trying my best in solving the case
Exploring to solve this case
Taking a good look on what might be out there
Doing my work at figuring out things
Always one the move
Cubing competition
Totally focused on solving all the issues
Solving business problems is not easy
Feeling slightly tired of all the work
Have you read this article?
Knot a problem
Looking for some clues that might be helpful
Well, and what do you think about that, huh?
Feeling confident about opening this case
Ok, so we've got to solve this case
Seems like i have some clues about it
What an interesting letter it is
Giving a second fresh look to this
Giving a thought to all these evidences
Working and relaxing at the same time
Searching for a clue here