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Well, he already knows more than i do
A big future ahead of you, dear...
Chilling at home together
That's the best comedy we've ever seen
Anything is fun when we are together
We love all the same movies with my son
Let's see who can blow the biggest one
The pleasure of reading together with my son
Listen to this track, mom
You're doing great, dear!
He's growing up in the digital age
Father and son listening to music together
Father and son listening to music together
You are my treasure
Oh, look how he's smiling
My little everything
Wow, it sounds gorgeous!
Guess what our favourite tv show is?
Look, he's gonna kill him!
What a suspense!
Look, mom, everything is cleared up
I feel like i'm a kid again when blowing bubbles with my son
Guess you didn't know that!
What a nice voice, dear!
Listen to this track, mom
They love spending time together
Nose-to-nose greeting
Here we are, here's your dummy
They are absolutely glowing with happiness
Who's in a good mood this morning?
My precious baby boy