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Working hard got me sleepy and exhausted
Feeling exhausted after work
Thinking over all this info
Young girl sitting at the table and flipping through pages
Studying session time
Having a little break and just enjoying the time
Adjusting camera lens
Set and ready for the photo shot
Figuring out this camera settings
Trying to understand the camera settings
Sunglasses are essential for summer season
Smart and sexy
Vintage aviator sunglasses
Sunglasses are essential for summer season
What are the latest eyewear trends?
Working on the project architect place
Getting informed about all these stuff
Studying is important
What a great book it is
Educating myself
Flipping through magazine pages, having coffee and just relaxing
Vintage camera is the best to make photos with
Trying to catch a good shot
Concerned with camera settings
Handsome couple drinking tea
Handsome couple drinking tea
A pair of round shaped sunglasses
Eyeglasses that will make you look even more attractive!
Rectangular shaped sunglasses
It's important to choose the right shape
Beautiful and elegant eyeglasses