Emotions Stock Photos: With freckles

Yeah, that's truly a beautiful thing
Man, these noise-canceling headphones are just top
You right, i hate the idea
Furious inside but stone cold on he outside
Yeah, it wasn't the best idea
You make smile more and more
You can read me like a book, so why bother asking
Just tell me what you need
In this headphones i can just drown in the music
Do you like my accessories?
Wanna say something? say it now
Nope, i don't wanna go camping, i'm too urban for this stuff
Oh, how i could've forgotten about this
Who's the nerdy boss here, huh?
Oh, stop, you're making me blush
Let's get straight to the point
You can't hide what you really feel no matter how hard you try to
You tired me with all your boring stuff
I've already forgotten about that
Yey, i even didn't expect such great news
So, i've been thinking maybe...
Young girl smiling and being happy
It wasn't supposed to be here
Now we playing by my rules
I just wanna be alone
Don't waste my time, i'm here not for jokes
Young couple looking at something and smiling
You are my happy place
Oh, seems like it isn't very bad
Noo, i couldn't brake my nail again...
Young woman in yellow raincoat and glasses watching in camera and closing half face with her hand
That song really gets me
Woman in a yellow raincoat holding an invisible subject and smiling to a camera
My neck hurts so much
Young woman in yellow raincoat taking off her glasses
Yeah, i should slow down with those cakes
Young woman in yellow coat covering her face with her arms
Young woman sitting on the bench on closing her face with hand
Young woman in a yellow rain jacket
Oh, somehow fresh air got me axhausted
I'm so excited for an outcome
So, could we talk, like for a sec?
Still can be bossing around with one eye only
Pure emotions of happiness
Young girl smiling and being happy
I don't wanna see this world anymore
Catching a breath before facing the world again
Mmm, that was delicious
You can't imagine my happiness
Yeap, i was right, like always
Let's get straight to the point
Childish soul with 25+age
Can you explain what is happening?
Young woman in a yellow rain jacket
I have to tell you something
Young handsome man is giving a flower to his girlfriend
Time for a surprise
Absorbed in passion
How on the earth i'm gonna handle all this?
Stay away from my husband!
Stay away from my husband!