An asian man squinting his eyes
Did i get you right?
My life is so stressful i check my head for grey hairs every friday
Wow, that's what i call a good idea!
What the hell are they doing there?
Dark skinned female tipping a wink
Annoyed asian man helping himself with his palm trying to hear something
Plump asian man looking through fingers on his right hand
Middle eastern woman hesitating to choose
Emotionless man without shoes and pants walking sideways
Cheerful brunette female giving a thumb up
Excited arab woman feeling the winner
A young muslim woman being skeptical
Office worker squinting at papers in hand of his female colleague
A young man arching his one eyebrow
Will i look cooler if i style my hair differently or is it objectively impossible to look cooler then i do now
I know it's bad for your skin but at the same time ughh so tempting
Whaat- i did not sign up for this, man
Expressive asian man showing thumb down
Who the hell are you, man?
Young woman looking suspiciously and pointing with a finger
A serious asian man bending his brows
Looking suspiciously at camera
A young man looking with squinty eyes
Excited turkish girl showing thumb up and making funny faces
Excited arab woman feeling the winner
A cheerful muslim woman
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