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Feeling exhausted
How lon have you been standing there?
Showing around appartment to this newcomer
Need to go out and socialize, again
Mature man standing in profile
Gotta move for have energy for all day
Mature man standing with his hands aside
Mature man in pink robe standing in profile
Still somewhere in my dreams
Thinking about what to do today
Mature man standing back to camera
Man in suit standing in profile with his head down
No matter that the day just started, i'm tired
Constantly on the phone
Mature man standing back to camera
Wondering what's going on there
Handsome man with a puppy standing in profile and holding a glass of wine
Handsome mature man holding a puppy
Well, i'm not in the mood today
Need to go out and socialize, again
Well, here's me serious ready for the day
Man in pink robe standing back
Guy in pink robe turned back to camera
Just woke up but begging for some more sleep
Well, no need to be involved in this reality
Felt the need to stop for a minute
Too cool for this place
Handsome mature man standing in profile
Oh, i saw something there