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Nice news in a nice-looking package
Took off my pink glasses but keep seeing the world as a pretty nice place
Just a few more days and the adventure starts!
Because i'm worth it
Well-deserved and long expected!
A vintage way of getting the news is my favourite one
Um excuse me what's that
I wanna hold these words as close to my heart as it is humanly possible
You are doing well sweetie, keep going
I want to thank not only god but jesus-
Kinda listening to you, kinda daydreaming at the same time
Feeling your hard work being paid off is the best feeling i have ever had
And i'm on top of the world again
Happy tunes for happy mood
Heey mind if we have some fun together?
Perfectly in half!
Soft morning
Sometimes you want to touch, sometimes you want to be touched, and sometimes you want both at the same time
Party snacks?
Take a bite, don't worry, it's not poisoned yet
The sky looks especially nice today
I can hear her smile while singing and it makes me smile, too
And suddenly every word they sing is about you
The taste of summer and carelessness
Looking at my crush when they don't see me
When i say that ice cream makes me smile everyone says 'aww', but i mean it for real, it makes me, please send help
Unlike the others, ice cream never fails to make me happy
It's so hard not to give in
Here, take an ice cream. did i ask you whether you want it? right. now take it
Hey look someone took a photo of me while i wasn't looking
This is what adventures begin with
Unbelievable, this place looks exactly like it does on the photo
For me slow dancing is just my usual dance but at half speed
Mixed feelings, ambiguous desires
I took my sunglasses with me 'cause baby your smile is bright like a sun
Being appreciated feels amazing
A few smiles a day keep the doctors away
Best lunch ever
Can't believe they sent it with no address or name on the envelope and yet somehow it got here, fantastic
Hey baby, why so sad?
Mood for today: being disarmingly cute
I am super cute and i know it
You won't find anything like me
Feeling nice and pretty
Taking time to admire yourself is also an important part of self care
Let's forget about everything and dance for a bit
I'm listening carefully, keep going~
In the process of making a healthy breakfast
Slow dancing with myself 'cause i deserve it
When you hear the first sound of your favourite song and immediately start smiling unconsciously
Tender touches and soft feelings
Working on a secret project you are not allowed to look at
When your favourite song comes on shuffle
Let's appreciate the age of technology that allows us to work from literally any place that has wifi and electricity
Hey, want some cold sugary milk in a cone-shaped waffle?
Cool down, baby!
When the person you waited the most finally shows up but all you have is avocados
Take a picture of me like i am one of those happy summer girls
Still better than you
Oh, stop it, you